Cuatro Pilares

Interpretation of Ba Zi, The Four Pillars

The 4 Pillars of a person's destiny are based on the conversion of the date and time of birth from the Western calendar to the Chinese calendar. Each person has different luck, but we all have good years as well as bad ones. One of the Chinese metaphysical arts is to be able to identify luck is positively strong for us and in which areas of our lives it will prosper.

The use of Chinese astrology to interpret cycles throughout our life experience is a tool that provides us with the information about our abilities and weaknesses on a mental and physical level, while also predicting the periods where the characteristics of time in combination with our own personal characteristics, will generate good opportunities for us in the different areas of life: love, health and finances, among other things.

In the same way it indicates to us those moments where the external and internal characteristics will demand a greater effort from us and where we must be cautious in the decisions that we make, or in other words, to keep the risks on a minimal level.

Unlike the astral charts in Western astrology, the Ba Zi, anticipates the precise moments of ‘when’ , in other words it uses the solar calendar to predict the moments where the energies intertwine in an important way, generating changes and adjustments in life.

Using this tool serves to manage our expectations and make better decisions, it’s just like checking the weather before going on a trip.