Asesoría Arquitectónica

Architectural Consultation

How many shopping complexes or housing developments do we find to be unsuccessful , stalled, and being sold below what was projected?

Nowadays, with the existing excess supply, starting a new construction project requires added values that will differentiate it from the others, whilst discarding the high stake risks. There is an invisible aspect for architects where other factors may definitely influence the success of their construction project.

The integration of a Feng shui perspective into a project shall generate aesthetic and fictional projects as well as having building that are solely focused on prosperity and wellbeing.

You see a considerable difference from the moment ofthe sale, stability in establishment, continuous influx etc... Which will increase praise and reputation for the construction company for developing successful and harmonious projects that take advantage of the natural flow of energy that surrounds each one.

This synergy is not new,this is how many Asian companies have been working.VeryFew projects are built without the advice of a feng shui consultant, because no architectural firm likes to have an unoccupied or unsold building, because this will detriment their name and reputation.

The feng shui consultant provides the guidelines to follow on which any design is developed by architects. We suggest the right site, placement and location of the main accesses, colors, elements and forms according to the principles of feng shui to ensure that the building receives the appropriate and continuous flow of people all the time, if it’s a shop; and ensures the solidity and stability if it’s a home.