Consulta Comercial

Commercial Consultation

What if your were given the option to rent the space you wanted for a great price, and that had been used by two or three businesses previously, would you still get it?

We have seen several commercial premises, even mall centers where no matter the number of business that are opened, at the end of year they end up closing up or are transferred to other locations.

These decisions do not only depend on the product or high quality that is offered. The reality is that the placement and position of the business makes a difference for a business.

Having the help of Feng Shui in the planning of a new business help us anticipate this, and if it’s an existing business, you can identify what’s affecting the results.

Why is it convenient to integrate Feng Shui into a business?
  • Analysing the main access point of the business is fundamental. We need to maintain the open space concept for any internal or external element, which could be a generator of stress or stagnation and we have to proactively use this energy to our favour for the business and marketing objectives.

  • Within the premises, the kind of product or service that the business is offering isn’t a key factor to be preoccupied with. We need to identify the ideal placement for the products, the cash register, the warehouse, the office, the dressing room, the kitchen etc... We have to optimise the best of the positive energy on the sales floor, and keep aside the less favourable energies in the areas which do not hold much relevance or importance.

  • To understand how the characteristics of the premises’ energy influence staff and customers, as well as identifying the problematic areas (such as staff turnover, thefts, conflicts, outflow of capital and many more... ) that may require changes in order to correct or enhance the good energy flow.

  • There are premises that have better energy factors than others, so understanding the characteristics of the premises gives us a realistic expectation of the results of the business.