Consulta Empresarial

Business Consultation

Did you know that in Hong Kong and many other Asian cities almost all property owners and businesses consult a Feng Shui specialist before the building is built? From banks like HSBC, to multinationals like Disneyland, they all follow the principles of this science.

"Nowadays many business people realize the importance of applying Feng Shui for their wellbeing and prosperity. Therefore more people engage in Feng Shui services when they choose their new office properties and use the Feng Shui design to allocate different uses and purposes to their offices. The larger projects apply the Feng Shui design from the beginning – including the placement of each structure, the building location, and the interior design"
Great Master Raymond Lo
Why is it convenient to integrate Feng Shui into a company?
  • Distribute the work areas efficiently, assigning the appropriate purpose for each sector, so that each of the departments is using the appropriate space.

  • To place the executive offices of the company in the areas that occupy the correct energy, giving them support and impetus to the decisions they make and the direction of the company.

  • Adding elements and colors that add balance to the energy structure of the workspace, creating harmonious and healthy environments and maximizing the possibilities of success.

  • Analyzing the environment in which the company is located, making sure that there aren’t any elements that generate stress in the surroundings and that decrease the performance of the company.