School of Form

"Energy travels through the wind and it needs to meet in one place but without stagnation."

When this effect is geographically achieved, the place is considered a privileged place, and it tends to experience accelerated development because of its fortunate location. This is what happens in cities like Barcelona or Hong Kong, which are built by the sea and protected by great mountains, keeping energy from being dissipated by the wind in other directions. This characteristic makes them much more prosperous cities than others.

Detailed observation of the forms in the environment constitutes the first aspect in the study of classical feng shui: the visual aspect.

We must carefully analyze where mountains or buildings are located that will prevent energy from being dispersed, and on the other hand, the rivers, the sea or the avenues that will be in charge of keeping the energy moving, and within this picture we will locate our property, in which we will analyze other visual aspects of great importance, such as the following:

  • Form
  • Distribution
  • Color
  • Topography
  • Construction placement