Xuan Kong, Flying Stars

To discover the essence of any construction, it is fundamental to work with a map, the year of construction and the exact orientation of it, which is obtained with the help of Luo Pan (magnetic compass), the fundamental tool of a Feng Shui consultant.

The reading of the property’s orientation is done on the spot, where the client's concerns or needs are also known.

For the effectiveness and usefulness of the results, the method used by Asian teachers is flying stars, which includes the time factor, indispensable in the study of classical feng shui.

By applying formulas and making calculations, the property’s basic energy map is obtained, and from this, the specific characteristics are determined and the most appropriate suggestions are made.

Each construction has a set of different energy characteristics, which represent the possibility of certain positive or negative events, to which users are potentially vulnerable as a result of constant exposure to this energy.