Consulta Residencial

Residential Consultation

Nothing that happens in our house is a coincidence.

Every house has something to offer, but in the West most people are unaware of this valuable possibility, however, we must acknowledge the intangible characteristics of a property because our well-being depends on it.

This knowledge helps us understand and take full advantage of our home, when we combine the energy that a room or a section of our house has, with a certain object or color, we are using that energy in our favor, and will reflect in our health and prosperity. On the other hand, we will know where the weak points in our house are, and offer a solution, keeping them from having a negative impact on us and affecting our wellbeing.

The predominant energies of our house don’t change much over time, so we must be very careful when we choose a property, and if we already live in it, we should make sure we are taking advantage of the strengths and diminishing the weaknesses.

The characteristics of those energies are not seen or felt immediately, therefore it is required to have a complete Feng Shui study to be able to access such information.

You can noticeably perceive the changes by moving certain objects or placing them in the optimum spot in a matter of weeks.

Advice on selecting a house

Nowadays, it is common for people to move to different countries because of several reasons and end up facing the difficulty of choosing a home.

The unfamiliarity of the being in a new place and a new destination can seem daunting and complex. The primary priority and need is to find a home where the family will be happy and healthy.

There are companies that are responsible for showing the families ́ different residential options, and at the end, when the search is reduced to two or three houses, it is time to deal with the invisible factors, the secrets that will be revealed once the family lives there. Knowing them in advance, will make their final choice easier,
As it reveals what we prioritize in each house.