"Thank you so much for your lovely course, you opened my eyes to the true feng shui, to a professional study of the energy of the house and work spaces related to our own energy. Today I know that it is possible to reach the perfect synchrony and, in this way, balance this energy to flow with the universe and the cosmos. I confess that I was very ignorant about it and I was even skeptical because of how little I read about it in magazines and unprofessional programs. I love your professionalism and how easy you explained this course. Thank you and congratulations. I made changes in my bedroom and the insomnia disappeared completely."


"Leonor’s work and guidance, is very professional and accurate, it’s also full of valuable and powerful information on the most important aspects to make the most of your strengths and prevent complicated stages. Her evaluation brings so much light to the process of personal spiritual development! Thank you. It sure will be necessary to review these aspects regularly."

Juan Pablo.

"Leonor Estrada is an expert in Feng Shui, she is capable of making it easy to understand and apply, despite its complexity and many variables. Her analysis is simple in appearance, but very complete in her summary of the different dynamics to analyze, and very accurate in her conclusions. I recommend her Feng Shui service without any doubt".

Nieves S.

"Knowing your 4 Pillars is basic and very useful, not only to understand your personality but also to help you understand the different stages of your life and which aspects are more relevant in each stage, such as creativity, your friends, your profession, your partner, money, etc. And to be alert and prepared for the opportunities, the ups and downs of life. The 4 pillars is without a doubt a very useful and interesting tool".

Claudia N.

"It's a “mind opener” ... Feng Shui and the Four Pillars open you up to all possibilities, to strengths and weaknesses ... they are a window in which your life is and you always the choice to go out and live it or stay and watch... It is an excellent experience from which we can all learn and benefit from".


"Asking for the Feng Shui consultancy has allowed me to see important facts about myself, my life and my home. Knowledge gives me the power to use the elements that surround me in my favor, and it gives me a greater sense of flowing being who I am and directing myself where I want to go.
Having this millennial wisdom available through Leonor makes the experience even more enjoyable!"

Nena M.

"Leonor Estrada is a genuine Feng Shui professional. As a healer and therapist, I have been able to value her talent to tune herself into nature, the energy of spaces and their inhabitants.
Her job is to evaluate and correct these to create a space where everything that is good can grow and everything that is harmful can be mitigated. I highly recommend her as a professional."

Enrique Arellano Farias - Healer y Psicoterapeuta

"Leonor brings the sharp and accurate look that allows you to go straight to the heart of the problem, bluntly.
Speaking about her to a friend I said that Leonor is like the specialized surgeon who knows how to go exactly to the point where the damaged part is, apply his cure and close the wound."

Paula Marquez - Eficacia y Concreción

"I took an introductory Feng Shui workshop with Leonor Estrada, she is definitely very professional and has an advanced knowledge. On the contrary to what we might think, she makes it easy to understand some of the basic principles of this philosophy. It helps you understand how our environment is and how our own experiences can influence positively or not so positively in our lives. How we can improve or help positive energy flow at home.
The enthusiasm that she has in each session is very important; in my case, she left me with a huge interest and a desire to continue to deepen on the subject. Highly recommended!"

Pati Lasso

"I hired the Leonor Estrada’s advisory services in Feng Shui on two occasions, the two were in apartments where I lived, what I liked most about her service was her professionalism and the way she makes you understand the function and ways of Feng Shui, I was completely unaware of this matter, ignorance definitely makes us fall into misconceptions about what a Feng Shui study is.
I really liked that she presents an easy-to-understand report with the description and characteristics of the apartment and she explains the reasons of the changes she suggests you to do to improve the energy in each area ... all this always considering if they are possible changes for you and if they fit your budget, you may think that it requires major remodeling but it’s not necessarily this way, everything can be adjusted: small details such as placement of furniture or decoration, colors etc.
She also has a good taste in decoration, everything looks very nice and pleasant, and there is nothing more important that feeling happy and at peace in your house. On the other hand, Leonor is a person who inspires confidence, her preparation and curriculum impressed me, so I recommend her extensively.

Being a western girl with oriental knowledge, she knows how to combine the two cultures perfectly and adapt to the way we live in the West and not to fall into oriental excesses that do not match our lifestyle. You will not regret hiring her."

Ana Laura Chávez

"I have taken Feng Shui classes with Leonor and I would recommend it without hesitation, she knows a lot, she is very flexible, lovely and a very good teacher, she is passionate about what she does and you can tell! :-)"


"I am a skeptical woman from an educated and conservative family. For 40 years I suffered from a conditional intestinal disease, I tried everything that traditional medicine offered me, without results worthy of mention. In the midst of this chronic disorder I made small changes in my eating habits. In a short time and to my astonishment I have reached a remarkable and permanent improvement. As if this wasn’t enough, after relocating part of the furniture, adding colors and properly placing ornamental objects of decorative appearance and that almost every home has, I noticed that my home is now an even more comfortable and warm place that invites us to stay. Integrating the ancient resources of Oriental medicine and Feng Shui, I am enjoying its reflection in my quality of life, both in the human, family, social and economic level.

Without a doubt, I recommend the work of Leonor Estrada especially to those who feel that they have exhausted all their options. "

Kena T. México

"Leonor's passion for her work permeates the Feng Shui experience with knowledge and common sense.

In her way of making us understand this ancestral discipline, the joy of Leonor is transmitted to the environment that she is dealing with. "

Alicia. Madrid

"Our experience with Leonor and Feng Shui in the Organic Space has been very positive, she gave us harmony creating new spaces that we had not initially thought of, greatly improving our original idea of the structure of the supermarket, ECOBAR, and how to fit the yoga and therapy rooms. Following her patterns we reformed our premises and we even added sections, both us and our customers have the feeling of more harmony and space."

Alexander. Madrid

"My intuition took me to Leonor, and the facts have shown me that I was right.

I highlight her closeness, professionalism, experience and wisdom."

Fernando Pozuelo. Madrid